Annual essay contest

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Essay Contest logoDEADLINE — Friday, Mar. 22, 2019
(Hard copies only—in Dr. Kiril Petkov's mailbox)

ELIGIBLE — All History & Philosophy majors & minors

PRIZES — Top entrant in each category wins a free banquet ticket ($27 value) and an additional prize.

Winners will be notified before Apr. 12, 2019 (the banquet reservation deadline). Banquet details

Up to two prizes (1st and 2nd) in each category may be awarded as merited.

Other benefits:

  • a certificate of award
  • public recognition at the banquet and on this web page
  • a perk for your resume

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From Dr. Kiril Petkov...

The UWRF History and Philosophy Department invites submissions for its already established annual “Outstanding Essay in History” Award. If you ever wrote and submitted an essay for a history or philosophy class you took at UWRF your work is eligible.

Winners will receive a free dinner reservation for the annual History and Philosophy Banquet. Each prize carries a Letter of Award that will be personally bestowed to the author at the banquet and publicized on campus and the department web site. First prize winners will also receive an additional prize.

So hurry up, dig up that essay your instructor marked as brilliant, or print that cherished paper of yours which you always thought was so good, but never truly appreciated! This is your chance to get recognized and add a distinction to your job application portfolio! 

We expect your submission and hope to see you at the banquet!


UWRF History & Philosophy Essay Competition

Winning essays

Megan Kimball (Philosophy)
"Organ Donation and Allocation"

Nicholas McGrath (History)
"A Blueprint for Societal Change"

Elie Wiesel

Essay Contest

Prizes $500 - $5,000

Details here

Deadline: Early December