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UW-River Falls Scholarships

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UW-River Falls offers scholarships for which you can apply annually. The scholarships are funded by the UW-River Falls Foundation through contributions from alumni, faculty and staff, friends, parents, campus organizations, and corporations. Over 800 scholarships totaling more than $900,000 are typically awarded.

Welcome to the fast and easy way to apply for the UW-River Falls Scholarships!

With the UW-River Falls Scholarship System:

  • You fill out one simple and secure general scholarship application.
  • You will be automatically considered for many of the scholarships available at UW-River Falls.
  • You may be eligible for additional scholarships by answering a few supplemental questions that are specific to certain scholarships.
  • You can do a keyword search on all the scholarships available within the system to review qualifications and other related information.
Who can apply?

New and Transfer Students who are admitted to the University and all currently enrolled Returning UW-River Falls students.

When can I apply?

Scholarships open EARLY every year. Every fall semester the application opens for scholarships used the following school year.

For the Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 school year, new and transfer students can begin applying October 3, 2022. Continuing students can begin applying November 15, 2022.

Most scholarships have a deadline of February 1 every year - but dates may vary for each scholarship, so it's important to review the specific details and description in the UWRF Scholarship System.

How will I apply? 

Get started on the UW-River Falls Scholarship System today by following these easy steps:

  1. Log into the UW-River Falls Scholarship System.
  2. Select "Sign In" and then Sign In using your UWRF W# and password.
  3. Complete your simple online general scholarship application.
  4. Review all recommended scholarship opportunities and "Apply" with the click of a button!
Application Tips
  • Complete the general application questions to make opportunity application go faster. Make sure to "submit" when you are done.
  • The more fields you complete, the better opportunity you'll have of receiving an award.
  • Don't wait until the last minute!
Interested in Reviewing available Scholarships?

You do not need to "Sign In" to the UW-River Falls Scholarship System to review the available scholarships. Anyone can access the UW-River Falls Scholarship System to view all available scholarships.  You are also able to do a "Search" to narrow down the list of available scholarships to review.

How will I be notified if I am chosen as a recipient?
  • You will receive an email notification to your UWRF Email Account.  
  • You can track the status of scholarship applications you applied to in the UW-River Falls Scholarship System.
  • Scholarships you receive will be included in your Financial Aid Award notification.
When will I be notified if I am chosen as a recipient?

Finalists will be notified in the spring semester following the scholarship deadline. The selection process typically goes from February to April each academic year, and recipients will be notified through their UWRF email account, typically by the end of the spring semester, prompting them to accept the scholarship in the scholarship system.

An email notification will be sent to all scholarship applicants in their UWRF email account once all selections have been finalized for the academic year. This typically occurs in September each year.

  • Are you a continuing Falcon or Chancellor's Scholarship recipient?  
    • You can find more information specific to this scholarship program online at the Falcon Scholars website.
  • Are you an Incoming First-Year Undergraduate or Transfer Student?
    • You can find more information specific to those scholarship opportunities at the Admissions website. 

UW-River Falls Scholarship Policies

Enrollment Policy

To be eligible for a UW-River Falls Scholarship, a student must be enrolled half-time or more during the semester that the scholarship is scheduled to be disbursed.

  • Half-time enrollment for an undergraduate student requires at least 6 credits, and for a graduate, at least 4 credits.
  • Some scholarships may require full-time attendance. Full-time enrollment for an undergraduate student is 12 or more credits, and for a graduate student, 8 or more credits.
  • Please contact if you have questions regarding enrollment requirements.
Disbursement Policy

Scholarships are disbursed at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters that directly follows the scholarship award notification.

  • No scholarship funds are awarded during Summer term.
  • Awards up to and including $500 are disbursed in full at the beginning of Fall semester.
  • Awards of more than $500 are divided equally with half awarded at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • If a student does not attend a portion of the school year, the funds that were scheduled to be disbursed will be re-awarded. If an alternate recipient cannot be found the funds will be returned to the scholarship funds for a future award.
  • If a scholarship was awarded to a student who is scheduled to graduate early (at the end of Fall semester), the full amount of the scholarship may be applied to the Fall term, depending on the scholarship. Please contact if you have questions regarding a mid-year graduation.
Cancellation Policy

The University reserves the right to revoke a scholarship if the recipient is found not to meet the published criteria under which the recipient was initially selected at any time.

Renewable Scholarship Policy

Renewable scholarship eligibility is verified at the end of each Fall and Spring semester.

  • Renewable criteria are specific to each scholarship.
  • If a student has been awarded a renewable scholarship, he or she may review the renewable criteria within the UW-River Falls Scholarship System, or by contacting .
  • The University reserves the right to revoke a scholarship if the recipient is found not to meet the renewal criteria under which the scholarship was published.


The UW-River Falls Scholarships are managed through the UW-River Falls Financial Aid Office.  If you have questions about existing scholarships, email, or call 715-425-3141.

Scholarship endowments are managed through the UW-River Falls Foundation.  To learn more about establishing a new scholarship, please visit the University Advancement website or call 715-425-3505.