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Current Financial Aid News:

  • IMPORTANT for students and families: You should ONLY use www.fafsa.govlink when applying for financial aid.

    Be aware that you may receive information from other organizations including one called Student Financial Resource Center (SFRC). These organizations are not affiliated with the university and do not have our permission nor our endorsement to contact you. Remember, you NEVER need to pay anything to apply for financial aid. Always contact our office directly if you have any questions regarding anything you receive by mail or email.

  • Apply NOW for UW-River Falls Scholarships?  Refer to UW-River Falls Scholarships for more information about UW-River Falls Scholarships and the link to apply online.

  • Submitting IRS tax information to UW-River Falls for your 2014-15 financial aid: 
    If you received a Verification Missing Information Email, visit our Submit Verification Documents page to view instructions on submitting your IRS tax information to UW-River Falls.

  • Introduction to Financial Aid Video: The following is an online video that is an introduction to understanding and obtaining financial aid, for prospective college and university students.
  • Complete your FAFSA: If you are interested in receiving federal and state financial aid for the 2014-15 academic year, you must complete a FAFSAlink application. The FAFSA is available after January 1st each year. Complete your FAFSA as early as possible so that your aid is packaged in time for the start of fall semester and so that all aid types you may be eligible for are still available. You must complete a FAFSA on an annual basis. Check out our Application Process page for complete information on the aid application process!

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