Waste Minimization

Departmental Process

The Surplus Property Program operates in accordance with UW-River Falls Administrative Policy AP-02-119 Surplus Property – Repurposing, Selling, and Donating.

Sending an Item to Surplus

Departments are encouraged to repurpose surplus material within their divisions as needed. Submit a work order to Facilities Management to get materials moved if assistance is needed. Per AP-01-102 Chargeback of Facilities Management Services, the requesting department will be responsible for any labor costs associated with the request.

Any campus department that would like to surplus an item must fill out the Surplus Declaration Form. Items designated as surplus will be picked up at no cost to the department. Please note that sending an item to surplus requires supervisor approval via the BP Logix form.

Requesting an Item from Surplus

In order to save costs for UWRF departments, some surplus items are kept for campus reuse. Items available can be found here. If you do not see anything that meets your needs or this sheet looks out of date, please email with a description of your need.

If an item is available that meets your need, please complete the Surplus Property Request Form. You will need to enter the item ID# on that form. There is a cost associated with the item to cover the operating costs for the surplus staff in moving these items around campus and making them available. Please note that requesting an item from surplus requires a campus account number to charge and supervisor approval via the BP Logix form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I or my department purchase a computer or other technology items available for use in my office or department?

Technology items available through surplus are not allowed to be reused on campus. All technology purchases intended for use on campus must be procured through the Division of Technology Services (DoTS). Items being sold generally include things that DoTS no longer supports.

Can I or my department purchase lounge furniture for my office?

Lounge style furniture such as oversized chairs is not intended for individual offices. If a department has a need for a lounge type space, a reception area, etc., the department could purchase furniture available in surplus to use in those spaces.

Can I or my department purchase a mini refrigerator, microwave, etc. for my office?

These types of items are not intended for use in individual office areas. There are typically kitchenettes or lounge spaces where these items are available. 


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