New Dining Food Pick Up Process for Fall 2020

Dining Flow RiverSide Commons Fall 2020

Riverside Commons Dining Information

  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout all dining locations.
  • All food served in Freddy 2GO containers by associates.
  • Dining room is closed for seating, everything must be taken to go
  • Grill Line expanded.
  • Pre made sandwiches and salads available at Mondo.
  • Prepackaged yogurt, fresh cut fruit, and other selections at the salad bar.
  • Prepackaged soups, chips, and desserts.
  • Bottled beverage table near exit.

Green Dining Food Containers Fill your Freddy 2GO with whatever you want to eat!
As an example: fill the large section of the container with pasta, top with a couple of slices of pizza, add some veggies to the smaller compartments, grab a prepackaged salad, a cup of yogurt, a sandwich from the deli, a dessert, a bottled beverage. If you are on a weekly plan, you can repeat the process at the next meal period. 

Special note: Students are asked to eat meals in your residence hall rooms or other places within the University Center including the traditional meeting rooms, outside at picnic tables, and around campus. Please be mindful of where you eat. Take note of how many people are in a space and the distance you have between others when your face cover is removed for eating. Also, here is a list of classrooms that are available for you to eat your meals in. These spaces are available 11AM to 1PM and 5PM to 7PM Monday through Friday on campus: AEA166, AGS231, AGS331,  WEB113, NH15, KFA282, KFA354, KFA358, CSH275. 

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