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Pre-professional Law

Pre-Law is a pre-professional route offered at  UW-River Falls for students interested in attending law school after earning  their bachelor’s degree. Most universities no longer offer a degree program called "pre-law." Law schools require a B.S. or B.A. degree, but they do not require any particular course of study for admittance into their programs.  Pursuing pre-law is a signal of a career aspiration, rather than a specific  academic major.

Pre-Law students have a variety of applicable degree options at UWRF including Political Science, Criminology, International Studies and English. Pre-law advising is also available for students who are interested. The advisor assists students in determining what program of study best suits their needs, and works closely with those who apply to law school. He makes sure that all the materials students need are readily available and helps guide individuals through the application process.

According to the Association of American Law Schools, preparation for entry into law school calls for the development of basic skills, particularly in the use of language, a strenuous effort to improve one's capacity for critical thinking, and the acquiring of a broad liberal arts background. The skill most basic to success both as an undergraduate student and as a law school student is the ability to competently use the English language in written and oral form. In addition, students need to be concerned with developing the capacity to think logically, and to critically evaluate the knowledge gained through their courses of study.


Department of Politics, Geography & International Studies

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Contact Pre-Law Adviser, Neil Kraus