Pre-professional Programs

Pre-professional Programs

Pre-professional Curricula Leading to a Degree

Three-year programs leading to a degree have been designed under the Professional Option for the B.S. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. These programs leading to a degree are available in such fields as:

Details must be worked out by the student and the advisor and approved by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in advance.

Pre-professional programs are designed for students who will transfer to professional schools and colleges. These are suggested curricula only. Since the pre-professional requirements vary, students and their advisers must study the catalog of the institution to which they wish to transfer and make the necessary course adjustments in the suggested programs. By careful selection of pre-professional and general education courses, a three-year student may be able to take advantage of the Professional Option for a bachelor's degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. If the Professional Option is chosen, the program must include completion of General Education requirements.

Please note that many professional schools and colleges are now requiring a bachelor's degree for admission and are becoming graduate schools only.

The names of the advisors for the various pre-professional programs may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences, 136 Fine Arts, 715-425-3366.