Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in TESOL with Teaching License

Program Curriculum for both Degree and License

The following requirements apply to both an ESL teaching license and a master of arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Foreign Language Competency
All students must demonstrate that they have studied a single foreign language for two years, which can be two years of high school study, four semesters of university study, or other equivalent.

Prerequisite or Co-requisite Courses, 6 credits
ENGL 520 Structure of English, 3 credits
ENGL 522 Acquisition of Language, 3 credits

Required Courses for the Degree and ESL License
ENGL 560 Theory and Methodology of TESOL, 3 credits
ENGL 573 Practicum, 3 credits (or TESL 779 Internship), 3 credits
ENGL 620 Pedagogical Grammar, 3 credits
ENGL 675 Assessment and Testing, 3 credits
TESL 720 Educational Linguistics, 3 credits
TESL 765 Language and Culture, 3 credits
TESL 767 Teaching ESOL Reading, 3 credits

Additional Courses Required for the Degree

ENGL 651 Pronunciation in Language Learning and Teaching, 3 credits
TESL 701 Reading and Writing TESOL Research, 3 credits
TESL 763 Words, Meaning and Vocabulary Teaching, 3 credits
TESL 793 Final Research Paper or TESL 799 Thesis, 3 credits

Choose one, three-credit elective from the following:

ENGL 521 English Language: History and Culture, 3 credits
ENGL 650 Non-Native Speakers in the Midwest, 3 credits
TESL 769 Developing Discourse and Pragmatics Teaching Materials, 3 credits
TESL 789 Topics in TESOL, 3 credits

Courses Required for Additional ESL License

TED 428 Techniques of TESOL, 3 credits
TED 475 Student Teaching, 0-6 credits*

*Teachers with English or Language Arts licenses would not need additional student teaching whereas a science teacher would.

Courses Required for Initial ESL License

TED 428 Techniques of TESOL, 3 credits
TED 475 Student Teaching, 12 credits (one semester)
TED 700 Psychology of Teaching and Learning, 3 credits
TED 706 Historical, Philosophical, and Multicultural Foundations of Education, 3 credits
TED 716 Inclusive Education for English Learners and Students with Special Needs, 3 credits

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