Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in TESOL

The following courses are required to complete a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Foreign Language Competency
All students must demonstrate that they have studied a single foreign language for two years, which can be two years of high school study, four semesters of university study, or other equivalent.

Prerequisite or Co-requisite Courses, 6 credits
ENGL 520 Structure of English, 3 credits
ENGL 522 Acquisition of Language, 3 credits

With the approval of the Program Director, you may transfer up to nine recent graduate credits of relevant coursework from another institution.

Program Core Curriculum, 36 credits

Required Courses (30 credits)
ENGL 551 Pronunciation in Language Learning and Teaching, 3 credits
ENGL 560 Theory and Methodology of TESOL, 3 credits
ENGL 620 Pedagogical Grammar, 3 credits
ENGL 675 Assessment and Testing, 3 credits
TESL 701 Reading and Writing TESOL Research, 3 credits
TESL 720 Educational Linguistics, 3 credits
TESL 763 Words, Meaning and Vocabulary Teaching, 3 credits
TESL 765 Language and Culture, 3 credits
TESL 767 Teaching ESOL Reading, 3 credits

Plus, choose one of the following:
TESL 793 Final Research Paper, 3 credits
TESL 799 Thesis, 3 credits

Directed Electives (6 credits)
Choose two, three-credit courses from the following:
ENGL 521 The English Language: History and Culture, 3 credits
ENGL 573 Practicum (or TESL 779 Internship), 3 credits
ENGL 650 Non-Native Speakers in the Midwest, 3 credits
TESL 769 Developing Discourse and Pragmatics Teaching Materials, 3 credits
TESL 789 Topics in TESOL*, 3 credits

*May be repeated (with different topics).