Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in TESOL

Program Curriculum

This 36-credit master's degree is for those individuals who would like to teach in colleges, private schools, foreign countries or in Adult Basic Education (ABE) positions in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The program also benefits professionals licensed to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) or bilingual education professionals.

Required knowledge that may be obtained through coursework but credits will not count toward the master's degree in TESOL.
ENGL 320/520 Structure of English, 3 credits (or equivalent)
ENGL 355/522 Acquisition of Language, 3 credits (or equivalent)
Demonstrated proficiency of a single foreign language (two years of high school study, four semesters of university study, or another means)

Required Courses (33 credits)
ENGL 560 Theory and Methodology of TESOL, 3 credits
ENGL 620 Pedagogical Grammar, 3 credits (Prerequisite:
ENGL 651 Phonetics and Phonology, 3 credits
ENGL 675 Assessment and Testing in TESOL, 3 credits
ENGL 701 Writing, Reading, and Presentation of Research in English as a Second Language, 3 credits
ENGL 720 Educational Linguistics, 3 credits
TESL 763 Words, Meaning and Vocabulary Teaching, 3 credits
TESL 765 Language and Culture, 3 credits
TESL 767 TESOL Reading, 3 credits
TESL 789 Topics in TESOL Teaching and Research, 3 credits
Plus, choose one of the following:
TESL 793
Plan B Master's Paper, 3 credits
ENGL 799 Thesis (Thesis Plan)

Electives (3 credits):
Choose one from:
ENGL 521 The English Language: History and Culture, 3 credits
ENGL 650 Non-Native Speakers of the Midwest, 3 credits
TESL 779 Internship, 3 credits
TESL 789 Topics in TESOL Teaching and Research, 3 credits

Note: Up to nine credits at the 500 level may be applied to the degree and no fewer than half of the credits applied to the degree must be at the 700 level.

For More Information

Linda Jacobson
Program Manager