Degree Requirements

Biotechnology Major


Major Requirements: 55-56 Total Credits

Interdisciplinary Program

261 Centennial Science Hall

Karl Peterson-Director

The Biotechnology major is an interdisciplinary program that is focused on the molecular basis of life processes and the techniques utilized to both study and control these processes under in vivo and in vitro conditions. The Biotechnology curriculum draws upon the expertise and course offerings of the participating departments: Biology, Chemistry, Animal and Food Science, and Plant and Earth Science. The Biotechnology major is designed to provide those students who are interested in pursuing careers at the interface of biology and chemistry with the academic background required to either secure entry level positions in the biotechnology industry or to continue their education in graduate or professional schools. A student may elect to complete a B.S. degree in Biotechnology in either the College of Arts and Sciences, 715-425-3777, or the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences 715-425-3841.

General Education Requirements

BA and BS Liberal Arts majors as listed.
BS Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences majors as listed.

Courses in the major or required supporting courses may be double counted to satisfy the General Education science requirements. Therefore, the total General Education credit hour requirement is reduced by the courses that can be double-counted.