Degree Requirements

Agricultural Education, Professional Development

Professional Development in Agricultural Education

Degree Requirements

Professional Education, 7 credits
TED 740 Foundations of American Education, 4 credits
TED 750 Advanced Educational Psychology, 3 credits
or TED 760 Methods in Research, 3 credits

Specialization, 20-21 credits
AGED 781, AGED 782, AGED 783 Research Seminar in Ag Ed (1 credit each), 3 credits
AGED 798 Independent Research, 1-3 credits
or AGED 799 Thesis, 2-3 credits

AGED electives, 3-6 credits

Specialization Electives, 9-14 credits
Selected upon consultation with advisor

Non-Specialization, 3 credits
Elective courses from outside the departments and selected for either professional education or specialization.