Degree Requirements

Agricultural Studies Major

General Education Requirements

As listed under General Education with the following exceptions:
Social and Behavioral: ESM 105, Introduction to Environmental Studies
Sciences: CHEM 121, General Chemistry or CHEM 120, Introduction to General Chemistry
Mathematics: MATH 146, College Algebra, or equivalent

Foundation Requirements 15 cr. hrs.
AGEC 230 Agricultural Economics I 3 cr.
AET 150 Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Technology 3 cr.
CROP 161 Introduction to Plant Science
or HORT 161 Introduction to Plant Science 3 cr.
ANSC 100 Introduction to Animal Science 3 cr.
SOIL 120 Introduction to Soil Science 3 cr.

Agricultural Studies Major

The Agricultural Studies major enables the student to gain a breadth of knowledge in many areas within the field of agriculture, food and environmental science. A relatively large course elective component allows students to be flexible in taking courses that fit their individual needs. For example, students may elect courses in agricultural communications under this major.

Agricultural Studies

Dean's Office
210 Agricultural Science

Agricultural Studies is a four-year Bachelor of Science degree program. Students majoring in Agricultural Studies will acquire broad knowledge in the fields of agriculture, food and the environmental sciences. Students may also pursue individual special interests through elective classes. In consultation with an adviser, students may choose elective courses in areas such as agronomy, animal science, communications, marketing, management, international studies, etc.

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