Degree Requirements

Accounting Major

Major Requirements - 66 Total Credits

Lower Division Requirements: 20 cr. hrs.
ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics 3 cr.
ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 cr.
ACCT 231 Principles of Accounting I 3 cr.
ACCT 232 Principles of Accounting II 3 cr.
CSIS 215 Information Systems for Business Management 3 cr.
ECON 226 Introduction to Statistics 3 cr.
or MATH 226 Fundamentals of Statistics
CBE 100 First Year Seminar 2 cr.

Required Courses: 40 cr. hrs.
BLAW 265 Business Law I 3 cr.
BLAW 266 Business Law II 3 cr.
MNGT 300 Management and Organizational Behavior 3 cr.
MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing 3 cr.
FINC 345 Managerial Finance 3 cr.
ACCT 321 Intermediate Accounting I 3 cr.
ACCT 322 Intermediate Accounting II 3 cr.
ACCT 356 Managerial Cost Accounting 3 cr.
ACCT 360 Federal Income Tax I 3 cr.
ACCT 361 Federal Income Tax II 3 cr.
ACCT 366 Accounting Systems 3 cr.
ACCT 430 Advanced Accounting 3 cr.
ACCT 461 Auditing 3 cr.
CBE 300 Professional Development 1 cr.

Directed Electives: 6 cr. hrs.
Select from Accounting (not ACCT 201),
Management (not MNGT 150, or MNGT 250),
Finance (not FINC 210),
Marketing (not MKTG 311),
Economics (not ECON 100, ECON 150, or ECON 205),
Computer Science (not CSIS 105 or CSIS 151),
ENGL 251 or ENGL 367.

No 9000 level courses (transfer courses with no UWRF equivalent) will apply as directed electives.

MATH 146 College Algebra is required in the General Education Math section.

Department of Accounting and Finance

124 South Hall

Charles Corcoran-Chair, David Breger, Dawn Hukai, Michael Jacobson, June Li, Reza Rahgozar, Megan Sun, Mary Tichich. 

Students are required to have a minimum of 150 semester credit hours in order to sit for the CPA exam in Wisconsin. For education requirements to sit for the CPA exam in Minnesota, please contact the Minnesota State Board of Accountancy.

Students should plan to take MATH 146 (if necessary) before taking MATH 156 or ECON 205 as required in General Education. The lower division course requirements must be completed before the student begins the upper division requirements and the required accounting courses. A 2.5 grade point average must be maintained in the required accounting and business law courses to graduate with a major in accounting.

Undergraduate Accounting students may not transfer more than six credits of 300/400 level courses from non-AACSB accredited programs and institutions into the major.

General Education Requirements

As listed in general education with the following exceptions:
Mathematics: 3 cr. hrs.
MATH 156 Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
or ECON 205 Quantitative Analysis
or MATH 166 Calculus I (4 cr.)

Admission Requirements

1. For all majors in the College of Business and Economics (CBE):
Completion of at least 27 required general education credits with a minimum GPA of 2.25.

2. Additionally, the following must be completed, or in progress for completion, during the semester preceding admission:
GPA of 2.50 in ACCT 231, ACCT 232; CBE 100; ECON 201, ECON 202; CSIS 215; ECON 205 or MATH 156 or MATH 166; ECON 226 or MATH 226; COMS 116 or ENGL 266.