Courses and Academic Requirements

There are many different programs of study available to students within the Chemistry Department. These programs vary in the intensity of the course load and cover many different aspects of chemistry, from general chemistry to biochemistry and polymer chemistry.

ACS Approved Options:

The ACS Approved options are offered for students who wish to pursue a more intensive program in chemistry approved by the American Chemical Society. They are particularly recommended for students who intend to go to graduate school or work in the chemical industry. A course in computer use or programming and one year of foreign language are strongly recommended.

Liberal Arts Options:

The Bachelor of Science regular option chemistry major is designed for students who desire a general education in chemistry as a background for careers in many fields such as polymer science, environmental analysis, industrial chemistry, materials science, various fields related to medical science, etc. This consists of 35 credit hours distributed among the major fields of chemistry.

  • Regular Option
  • Biochemistry Option

Education Option:

The education option chemistry major is designed for prospective secondary school teachers. The curriculum is planned so as to give the student (1) a broad general education, (2) specialized preparation in chemistry with a minor in a supporting field and (3) professional training necessary for effective teaching. In order to be admitted to the College of Education, the student needs to be evaluated and recommended by the Chemistry Education Advisory Committee. Contact the Chemistry Department chair for further information.

  • Chemistry Education Option
  • Broad-Field Science Option
  • Physical Science (best option if you want to teach both chemistry and physics in high school)

Pre-Professional Studies with a Chemistry Major:

  • Pre-Medical Option
  • Pre-Veterinary Option
  • Pre-Pharmacy Option

Dual-Degree Engineering Option:

  • Dual-Degree Engineering Option

Related Programs of Study:

Master of Science Education Program:

Some chemistry courses include:

  • Chem 706- Giant Molecules: Chemistry of Polymers
  • Chem 707- Bio Organic Chemistry Concepts
  • Chem 708- DNA
  • Chem 751- AP Chemistry Experiments-Visible Spectroscopy
  • Chem 770- Chemical Demos
  • Chem 789- Special Topics in Chemistry (Which Include):

    Life in Extreme Environments
    Independent Research

For more information, please refer to the catalog.

Summer Courses:

The UWRF Chemistry Department regularly offers both semesters of General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry during the Summer Term. These are intensive courses that cover a year of course material in ten weeks. It is advisable to register early.

For more information, please refer to the catalog.

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