Mathematics Education

At UW-River Falls, our mathematics instruction is dedicated to nurturing and developing students’ creative mathematical talents as problem-solvers. The River Falls mathematics faculty has diverse backgrounds and research interests, including combinatorics, differential equations, number theory, functional analysis, mathematics education, numerical analysis, probability, and statistics.  The mathematics education major leads to a license to teach mathematics grades 5-12. (early adolescence - adolescence, mathematics)

The mathematics department at UW-River Falls provides an exceptional range of opportunities for students to work closely with professors on research and advanced mathematical study.

Program Highlights

  • Field trips to mathematics conferences are scheduled several times each year. Students can attend to exchange research results with students and professors from other universities through discussion and formal presentations.
  • Independent study can be arranged with professors to explore mathematical topics beyond those in the standard curriculum.
  • Integrated mathematics block, and professional development school program. Students are embedded with teachers for a semester teaching mathematics.