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The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction no longer accepts paper applications for Wisconsin Educator Licenses.

Educators apply for Wisconsin Initial Licenses and Renewal Licenses in teaching, pupil services, administrator, and other license categories using the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) system. ELO allows educators to provide the information, supporting materials, and payment needed for DPI to process their license applications. The system streamlines the application process and allows the applicant to manage their own licensing information, including printing a copy of their license certificate and renewing their licenses when applicable.

elo-250w_0Educator Licensing Online - (ELO) System.

  • If you completed your Wisconsin preparation program  before 9/1/2004, please follow the directions at
  • If you completed your program between 9/1/2004 and  12/31/2013. Please complete the form at the bottom of the page to request your information be submitted to DPI.

General Information

Carefully read all directions for the specific state and license you are applying for before beginning the application process.  If you have questions about completing the application please contact the college's Certification Officer,  Mr. Michael Martin


Please Review all Directions Carefully Before Beginning Your License Application.

Before you begin your license application, The UWRF College of Education and Professional Studies is required to submit your license information to the Wisconsin Department of Pubic Instruction (DPI).  If you are a current student this will be competed once you finish all requirements in your program.  Students who completed their program(s) before 12/31/2013, will need to complete the form at the bottom of this page to request UW River Falls review and submit your license information to the Wisconsin  Educator Licensing Online (ELO) system.  Please follow the following steps when applying for any type of license in ELO:

  1. Create a WAMS account (Wisconsin Access Management System) -
  2. If you have ever applied for and/or been issued a license by DPI, successfully "onboard" into the ELO system by connecting your WAMS account to an existing account - Onboarding Instructions     YouTube Onboarding Video
  3. Determine whether you need to get fingerprinted. -
    Fingerprinting Decision Making Tree 
  4. Preview the Conduct and Competency questions you will be answering in ELO -
    IF there is some type of misconduct that needs to be reported, prepare and attach a written explanation of what happened. You must also provide complete electronic (scanned) copies of documents associated with the matter that can corroborate / illuminate your explanation of the incident. These may include the criminal complaint, judgment of conviction, police reports, disciplinary letters/findings, correspondence, etc., as applicable.  (Note: Court history information printed from the CCAP web site is NOT sufficient.)
  5. Have your credit card ready
  6. Log in to ELO System to apply

License Types/Levels

Initial License requests
First time teachers, adding a new field of teaching, principals, school psychologists, school counselors, and speech and language pathologist.

Other Licensing Related Links


If you completed your program between 9/1/2004 and  12/31/2013. Please complete this form to request your information be submitted to DPI.

If you have a previous name please enter the most current one.


Teacher, School Counselor, School Psychologist, and Speech and Language Pathologist  License Requests

Tips for completing your application

  • If you already hold a MN teacher license please refer to the Principal and Reading Teachers section below as the online system only works with new first time license requests.
  • Read all directions carefully before beginning the online application
  • Please watch video tutorial below about completing the Minnesota Online license application
  • Program Completion Verification Form Information
    • Teachers and School Counselors;
      • Please submit your "Minnesota Verification of Program Completion" form to the college's certification officer listed below.  A link to the form will be on your license submission checklist that will be available to you at the end of the online application.  I will return the verification form to you via the US Postal Service to submit to MN with the rest of the required materials.
      • You can either e-mail the verification form as a .pdf attachment, or send it via US Mail to the address below.
    • School Psychologists and Speech and Language Pathologist
      • These licenses do not require a program verification form.  Refer to the link above for your specific field for more information.
  • Official transcripts can be ordered through the Registrars office online -
  • Minnesota requires all supplemental materials to be submitted in a single packet

Principal & Reading Teacher, and Adding Additional Licenses to an Existing License

Once you have completed your program please complete the following to apply for your Minnesota License. 

  • Complete the "Application to Add a Field to an Existing Minnesota License" form  -
  • Submit the Verification of Program Completion document to the Certification Officer listed below.  The form can be submitted either as a PDF attachment or US Mail.
  •  Your completed verification form will be returned to you for submission to the Minnesota Department of Education with the rest of your application.
  • Reading Teachers and Specialists!  The state of Minnesota currently does not have a Reading Specialist License. Please indicate in area #3 you are applying for an additional teaching license as a reading teacher once you complete the Reading Masters program.

Minnesota Licensing Links

Other States

As a service to our alumni the Educator Preparation Program will try to link to the teacher certification requirements for the 50 States.
States are continually revising their teacher certification/licensure rules and requirements. So please always check with the specific states licensing agency for information about their licensing requirements. 




Rhode Island




South Carolina




South Dakota



New Hampshire




New Jersey




New Mexico




New York




North Carolina




North Dakota





West Virginia












Puerto Rico



Certification reciprocity facilitates movement, but you still must meet the receiving state’s certification requirements. See the National Association of State Directors Teacher Education and Certification for information on certification reciprocity

This page is intended to help you find information on states of your choice. We are not responsible for the content beyond this page. Please do not contact the UWRF College of Education and Professional Studies with questions about the certification requirements for a specific state. Instead, please refer to the contact information contained in the links for the individual states.


UWRF Certification Officer:

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