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Complaint Process
Hiring Forms
  • Request to Hire Ad Hoc (Revised 12-14-2021) — up to full load (15 credits)
  • Additional Payment Request/Overload Adjustment (BPLogix) — credits beyond full load only — SELECT: "Start New Form," "Human Resources," and "Additional Payment Request"
  • Personnel Change Request (BPLogix) — for changes in title, credits/FTE, dates of employment, compensation, leave, and/or funding source — SELECT: "Start New Form," "Human Resources," and "Personnel Change Request"
  • Payroll Request Form— instructions:
    • Use this form if you anticipate earnings from UWRF for something OTHER THAN COURSE INSTRUCTION (such as grant work, committee appointments, summer advising, online course development, etc.). This will prompt a contract or change form to insure you are compensated.
    • Do NOT use this form for course instruction and internship supervision. (Compensation for those functions is initiated via the Request to Hire or data from eSIS.)
Instructional/Non-Instructional Academic Staff
Procedural Checklists
Promotion Forms
Retention Rules and Forms
Tenure/Post-Tenure Rules and Forms
Student Employment


For retention decision & other key administrative dates

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