Meal Expenses and Refreshment Breaks

Meal Expenses and Refreshment Breaks

Before planning a break, please work through the Meals and Refreshments Decision Tree, which if followed correctly will determine what is allowed.

These regulations are in addition to the existing policies found on the UWSA Travel Website
•    Refreshment Breaks require a minimum meeting time of 4 hours.
•    Lunch breaks require a minimum meeting time of 6 hours and an activity planned other than a social interaction during lunch.

Additional Requirements for Employee Training Events (including student employees):
•    Training must span 6 hours or more
•    Lunch meal is the only meal allowed(Not breakfast or dinner)

Documentation requirements:
•    Identification of which criteria justify the use of state funds.
•    Documentation of the business purpose of the meeting.
•    List of attendees, indicating whether they are UW employees.
•    Original invoices/receipts showing items purchased and amount to be reimbursed.

Reimbursements that are allowable will be up to the UWSA meal/refreshment maximums per person.

If policy is not followed expenses will need to be paid from a non-state source of funds - Examples of such funds include personal funds, or UWRF Foundation Funds.  
Please note UWRF foundation policies often also restrict when such expenses may be reimbursed.

Exceptions may be granted in advance of the event by the University Controller.

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