Richard D. Swensen Sundial

Location of the Richard D. Swensen Sundial

Latitude 44 degrees 51 minutes North (44.85)
Longitude 92 degrees 37 minutes West (-92.62)

The sundial is located on the southmost wall of Kleinpell Fine Arts which is located on Cascade Avenue running east-west through the UW-River Falls campus in the center of the city of River Falls. The sundial faces the Wyman Education Building and over-looks the main east-west walk-way through the center of the campus.

The main campus page contains a map button to show the location of River Falls to the Twin Cities, Minn., and to the rest of Wisconsin.


Gnomon Length: 56.5" horizontal & 79.7" polar length (at 45degrees to the horizontal). The area of the wall covered by the analemmas and the daylines is approxinately 56 feet wide by 30 feet high. It is this area that appears to make it the largest VERTICAL sundial that has been reported in the US.