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If you decide to print a newsletter, you should consider whether people are likely to read it. Is your mailing list comprised of people who have expressed interest in receiving a newsletter, or do you have other feedback that indicates interest?

You might consider sending out a postcard to announce your newsletter and provide the opportunity for recipients to request a copy. This would be useful when your readers do not have access to the internet.

Printed Newsletter Template


How to Assemble the UWRF Communications email Template In Thunderbird

  1. make sure your messages are composed in html - (menu)/tools/account settings/composition and addressing/(check 'compose messages in html format')
  2. write
  3. copy the text from below
  4. click in the message body
  5. insert html - (menu)/insert/html/(paste into the insert html field)
  6. replace 'department name' in the html
  7. replace 'page title' in the html
  8. replace 'page content' in the html
  9. copy wordmark.png which is attached to this wiki page to an area you can access
  10. click on the image container in the message
  11. insert image - (menu)/insert/image/(browse for the recently saved image)/(add alt text of "UWRF" so people that don't see the image know what it is)
  12. add an email subject
  13. address the email
  14. send the email

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