University Center

University Center

University Center Vision Statement

We will be the vibrant gathering place where all students feel a sense of belonging, develop into engaged student leaders, and create lasting memories.

University Center Mission

As the student-centered heart of campus, we serve as a welcoming gathering place that provides co-curricular experiences, quality services, and inclusive spaces that enhance intentional learning, foster community, and create meaningful connections.

University Center Values

Student Centered: We advocate for student needs and are committed to students being a vital focus in all priorities, resource decisions, and planning.

Equity: We seek to understand and meet the needs of our students, staff, faculty, and community members through compassion, humility, critical thinking, and actively challenging oppressive systems, structures, and policies.

Community: We are committed to creating and maintaining spaces, partnerships, and programs where collaboration, participation, care, and respect are celebrated and strengthen a sense of belonging and pride.

Liveliness: We are a dynamic community that invites, involves, and inspires individuals to create lasting memories.

Growth: We create intentional, holistic experiences that promote reflection and learning to prepare students for their future.

 Building Usage Policies

Association of College Unions International (ACUI) is comprised of over 1,000 student unions around the world.  University Center is an active member within Region 5.

ACUI Region 5 logo

ACUI Region 5 logo

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University Center

Building Address:
501 Wild Rose Ave.

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170 University Center
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