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Undergraduate Stipends and Expenses (USE) Grant


The Undergraduate Stipends & Expenses (USE) Grant is intended to assist in covering expenses necessary to conduct research.  Funds may be used to purchase supplies including, but not limited to, books, software, disposable lab supplies, instructional materials, and printing; to support student stipends to compensate for time allocated to their projects; and for travel to conduct research.  Note that dissemination events (conference presentations, etc.) are funded through Falcon Travel Grants.  The USE Grant is solely for monies to conduct research.  

Applications for these competitive grants are welcome from all colleges and disciplines.   Grant applications can be for individual projects or collaborative projects, and in all cases should be student-authored, with supervision and guidance from the faculty mentor who will be directing the research.  In the understanding that good faculty mentorship requires regular meetings and ongoing leadership throughout all phases of a research project, from initial conception to dissemination, faculty mentors are also eligible for a companion award payable on the student researcher's completion of the project.


Award Amounts:

  • Individual Undergraduate Research Projects
  • Collaborative Undergraduate Research Projects
  • In addition, faculty mentors who direct individual or collaborative grants in this competition will be paid on a 3-1 ratio based on the proposal award 

Other important information about funding guidelines for expense monies:   

  • Students may use up to $75.00 for poster printing for presentation of the proposed research, and where applicable, should be sure to include such printing costs in their grant budget.
  • All purchasing must adhere to university policy, with equipment and non-disposable materials becoming property of the mentor’s department on completion of the project.  
  • Per state guidelines for differential tuition funds, grant monies cannot be used to purchase food, beverages, or incentives for human research subjects or participants. 

Notification of Award

The Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity will notify award recipients, typically within 6 weeks of the grant deadline. 

Awarded Proposals

To receive payment of your USE Grant award:

Upon completion of the URSCA Project, (1) student(s) must complete this Final Assessment and (2) the mentor must complete this Final Assessment (3) for expenses, submit a copy of the award letter and original receipts to the URSCA Office using the Travel Expense Report or the Transfer Request form (for purchases made by the department).



 Updated terms and conditions will be posted soon!

Terms and Conditions

Proposal Information


Application Deadline: 

October 17, 2016


To Apply

Applications will be opening soon.

Undergraduate researcher(s) must complete this online student application


URSCA Mentors must complete this online mentor application.  One mentor application per project/grant submission.

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