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Bring your event to life with our Freddy Falcon mascot!

Freddy is available to UWRF student organizations, faculty and staff for university-sanctioned event use only. Freddy is an integral part of the UWRF brand and is not for personal or promotional use (business or political).

Freddy's nest is located in the University Communications and Marketing (UCM) office (120 North Hall). You can reserve Freddy Falcon through our online request form. UCM reserves the right to refuse a reservation request.

Please note: You will be responsible for bringing Freddy to life (a performer to wear the costume). The person wearing the costume should be between 5'5" to 5'8" and thin to medium build. Someone must accompany Freddy at all times to help guide him from place to place and help manage and respond to interactions with the public as Freddy does not speak. Freddy also does not appear in public (nor in photos or video) without being in COMPLETE uniform.

An ice vest is available to keep Freddy cool on hot days. Please plan ahead so that you have time to freeze the vest overnight before use. A minimum of shorts and a t-shirt with sleeves (no sleeveless shirts, please) are required to be worn under the costume.

Any damage to the Freddy costume while in your possession is the responsibility of the department or individual who has made the reservation. Please ensure that Freddy stays clean.

Please make your request for Freddy Falcon as soon as possible to ensure availability. 

Once your request has been received and reviewed, you will get an email confirmation.

Reserve Freddy Falcon


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