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Posting your event to the University Event Calendar is important as it informs and connects the campus community (current students, faculty/staff, alumni and community members) on a wide array of events and draws attendance to your event. University Communications and Marketing also relies on this information for promoting events through other communication channels such as social media and Falcon Daily.

Posting your event is easy!

  • Click the "Add Event to Calendar" gray box to the right. You do not need to Login (red box) to use this form, just complete the form fields that apply to your event (the first column and 1/2 of the second column -- you can ignore the "Additional Event Info" in the second column).
  • Give us all the details in the Event Description box. Include a complete description of the event so readers know what to expect. Provide as much detail as possible in 3-5 sentences. Remember to include the room the event will take place in and include the cost or if it is free. Also include who the event is open to. Is it open to the public?
  • Include a start time AND an end time for the event or it will not post.
  • For the "calendar" field, choose the appropriate calendar or calendars you want your event to appear on. This allows users to filter by area of interest.
  • Click "Finish." Your event will post after it has been approved -- usually within 24 hours.

Please note: 
Your event will not publish until it has been approved by the calendar administrator. This may take up to 24 hours.

If your event has not been published to the calendar within 24 hours, email the calendar administrator for assistance.

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