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Quick Response (QR) Codes

A QR Code is a specific two-dimensional code readable by QR barcode readers and smartphones with cameras. The information encoded can be text, a URL, a phone number, a video or other data. 

QR is the abbreviation for quick response, and the QR code was first developed in Japan by Denso-Wave, a subsidiary of auto manufacturer Toyota.

QR codes are a relatively new technology and their full potential has yet to be explored. Their use has entered mainstream society and the codes can now be found in multiple locations.

Need some practice?

Try scanning the QR code to the right. It'll take you to UWRF's Facebook page.

Don't have an app on your smartphone for QR code scanning?

Visit Mobile's barcode scanner selector and select your phone's manufacturer under "Supported Mobile Phones."

Alternately, you can visit the App Market for your phone's operating system and search for "barcode scanner." It's available on your phone, or you can find a link to the most common app markets below:


Apple (iPhone)





"QR code" is trademarked by Denso Wave, Inc. 

View UWRF's best practices regarding QR codes.

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