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Damage Samples

Below are samples of damages seen at Textbook Services.  Click on a picture to see a larger version.  If any of your books have damage similar to those shown but are not marked, bring it within two weeks of checking it out for us to mark or repair the damage.  After the two weeks you may be held responsible for any damages.

stamped damage
Check for the red stamp to see if the damage is already marked
do not write
If this sticker is on the front of a book, fines will be charged for any writing or highlighting
torn cover
Fines will be assessed for torn covers
water damage
Water damage at the top of a book
water damage
Water damage on the edge of a book
Binding damage; fines may be avoided if brought in immediately to be fixed
pages sticking
Pages sticking together from water damage; book must be purchased
must purchase
Excessive water damage; book must be purchased
Books with mold must be purchased due to health risks

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