Care Team

Care Team

The Care Team is an interdisciplinary team comprised of campus professionals focused on early detection and intervention for students whose behaviors have reached a level of concern indicating potential harm to one's self or others.


  • We receive, review, and maintain records of concerning student behavior
  • We ensure student confidentiality is maintained whenever possible
  • We assist the students involved, mitigate risks, and promote well being and success
  • Meet weekly and work on a consensus basis
  • Collaboratively consult and develop strategies to address concerning situations. This may include deciding on specific actions for each situation and designating team members or other individuals who will follow up
  • Regularly assess harmful behaviors at the University and surrounding community, and recommend actions in accordance with existing University policies
  • Behavior that creates a hostile environment
  • Actions that potentially endanger the safety of any member to the UWRF community
  • Behavior that impacts a student's ability to function appropriately and successfully on campus
  • Threatening words or actions towards any member of the UWRF community
  • Online posting on social media or journals that is threatening in nature
  • Uncharacteristic and/or extreme aggression towards others
  • Projects or papers that convey clear intentions to harm one's self or others
  • Any type of observed self-injurious behavior
  • Suicide ideation that includes threats, gestures, and known attempts of suicide
  • Students with weapons or an infatuation with fire, guns, bombs, ammunition, or other weaponry 
  • Paranoia or delusions 
  • Substance abuse

Report a concern / refer a student

For more information regarding the Care Team, please contact the Dean of Students at 715-425-0720.