Community Engagement Indicators

Household Mobility

2019 Household Mobility 3

  • In general, a higher proportion of residents in Minnesota and its Counties are newly arrived in their communities than is the case in Wisconsin and its Counties.
  • Pierce County, because of UW-River Falls, is dramatically different than the other jurisdictions shown.


2019 Household Mobility Moved into County Past Year

  • Pierce County, because of the University of Wisconsin at River Falls has consistently had a substantially higher proportion of its population who report having moved into the County in the past year.
  • Burnett, Polk and St. Croix Counties have had similar proportions of new residents as the state of Wisconsin since 2016.


 2019 Minnesota Move Into County Past Year

  • Chisago has consistently had a higher proportion of its population who’ve recently moved into the County.
  • The proportion of newly arrived residents in Washington County trended upward from 2010 to 2016, but has declined slightly since that time.


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