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Tubman (merge of Chrysalis & Tubman Family Serivces) Internship

4432 Chicago Ave. So
Minneapolis, MN 55407



Interns indicate duties performed:

Resource counselor - supportive counseling and resource referrals for support groups, counseling/therapy, legal assistance, housing, employment and chemical health. Child Care Volunteer - help supervise and entertain children while parents attend therapy or support groups.

Students identified positive aspects of this placement:

Learn a lot about community and state programs/social services. I have gained so much more knowledge and experience than I could have ever gained in another four month long internship. My confidence and abilities to listen to and help clients have improved drastically in this short period of time. The RC atmosphere is also relaxing and informal and that helps when asking supervisors and other employees for help.

Students identified difficulties typical in this placement:  

Some of the difficulties I found with this placement were mostly in the beginning when trying to learn about all the available programs and referrals available to clients.This became easier over time with practice and support from the other RC's.

Students identified positive aspects of this placement:

  • Being able to help others, experience with people in crisis, experience with a non-profit. (2006)
  • There is one-on-one interaction with a variety of different women who have issues that they need help with. Being able to give women the resources they need to have a better life. Knowing that there are thousands of resources in the metro area that are there for women. Being able to give women support and encouragement. (2002)

Students identified difficulties in this placement:

  • Having to deal with difficult/abusive clients on the phone, although there weren't many. (2006)
  • It was difficult to know how many women are being abused, either mentally or physically, by someone they love. Hear about women who have children needing a place to stay because they are homeless. The amount of money for legal services that women cannot afford on their income. (2002)

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