About Us

Faculty and Staff

Rich Wallace
Department Chair, Professor, Sociology & Criminology;
Director of Belize Study Adventure

Paige Miller
Paige Miller
Associate Professor, Sociology;
Habitat for Humanity Advisor

Desiree' Weisen-Martin
Desiree Wiesen-Martin

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Criminology; SCA Club Advisor

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Dr. Rahul Mahajan
Adjunct Instructor of Sociology

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Shawn Trusten
Adjunct Instructor of Criminology

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Tracy Zank
Adjunct Instructor of Anthroplogy

Sue Voelker 200x300 kmh 2016
Sue Voelker
Office Manager
Academic Department Associate

Student Staff

  • Ashley Bredeson
  • Marissa Fredrickson, lead worker
  • Kayla Grimm
  • Victoria Wilson

Faculty Emeriti

Brian Copp (retired 2011)

Tim Nissen (retired 2013)

Nancy Parlin

Ed Robins (retired 2015)

Other past faculty

Robert Bailey

Jean Faley

Clifford Mottaz

Robert Pionke