Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology


City of River Falls-Community Development Dept. Internship

123 E. Elm St.
River Falls, WI 54022
715-425-0900 ext 108 (Buddy Lucero)


August 2007
  Interns indicate duties performed: taking photos of sign violations, properties that are to be torn down and other properties that need to be recorded. Attend Historic Preservation Commission meetings or other meetings to gather info and get experience. Look up ordinances and reinforce them. Other duties may apply and some of these may not apply - it depends, of course, on what is needed within the department.
  Students identified positive aspects of this placement: It's interesting to get the viewpoint, to be "in" on the basic planning aspects. Planning is a very broad subject and I often felt ahead of everyone else (outside of the people who are involved in city work) in terms of knowing the problems or good things happening in certain developments or businesses, etc...
  Students identified difficulties typical in this placement: These difficulties are a reflection on me and my experiences: 1)gossip/politics play a major role in the conversations in the work place 2) cubicles were and are not conducive for working environments
  Students identified qualities/characteristics required to be successful at this placement: patient, smart, ability to research, unafraid to ask questions, helps to be comfortable meeting other people and network, capable with computers as well as following paper trails (aka filing systems), a respectful person

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Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology
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