Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology


Center of the American Experiment Internship

12 South 6th St., Ste 1024
Minneapolis, MN 55402


August 2008

Supervisor: Dwight Tostenson

Interns indicate duties performed :

Conduct research on different public policy issues to assist the staff members in writing original literature on the issues. Produce a research paper on the public policy issue of your choice. Assist with misc. jobs around the office (i.e. stuffing envelopes, unpacking boxes of pamphlets, etc.)

Students identified positive aspects of this placement:

Very flexible schedule. Very knowledgeable staff that are willing to have conversations with interns and discuss issues. Relatively low supervision.

Students identified difficulties typical in this placement: 

Need to be a self-starter. Need to seek out work if you're not busy because the staff is fairly small and generally busy. Spend quite a bit of time at a computer.

Students identified qualities/characteristics required to be successful at this placement:

Willing to learn, able to work effectively with others. Able to communicate verbally and through writing.

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Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology
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