College Committees

Research, Creative and Scholarly Activity Committee

The goal of this committee is to promote scholarship, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and learn about work being done by colleagues. We welcome projects ranging from research question development to presentation of completed studies.

Contact Greg Ruegsegger for more information about the committee or to submit event ideas.

CEPS Research Awards

The RCSAC, through the support of the CEPS, supports two awards. Please nominate your peers by APRIL 1 each academic year. Awards will be given at the Fall CEPS Opening Meeting. The requirements to nominate someone are brief and focused.

Click on the links below for more information and award criteria:

  • LIFETIME Achievement Award for Research, Creative, or Scholarly Activity
    2010 Recipient: Mary Manke
    2011 Recipient: Karla Zhe
    2013 Recipient: Ken Ecker
    2015 Recipient: Gay Ward
    2016 No nominees
    2017 No nominees
    2018 Recipient: Mary Wright
    2019 Recipient:  Mark Gillen
    2020 Recipient:  Todd Savage
    2021 No nominees
    2022 No nominees
  • ANNUAL Award for Outstanding Research, Creative, or Scholarly Activity
    2010 Recipient: Gay Ward
    2011 Recipient: Scott Woitaszewski
    2012 Recipient: Don Stovall
    2013 Recipient: Todd Savage
    2015 Recipient: Sue Ahrendt
    2016 Recipient: Amy Frederick
    2017 Recipient: Sharyl Samargia
    2018 Recipient: Joel Donna
    2019 No nominees
    2020 Recipient:  Sheri Stronach
    2021 No nominees
    2022 Recipient:  Greg Ruegsegger

Upcoming Events

The RSCAC will host several events throughout the academic year to foster an environment of research, performance and scholarly activity. Look for announcements as they are posted to the CEPS listserv.


Other Research Resources: