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Hall Councils

Each residence hall has a Hall Council, comprised of students within the community and the Hall Council Advisor. All residents are encouraged to join Hall Council events or meetings. If you have any questions, please contact your Hall Council Advisor.

Hall Council is a group of students in a residence hall who:

  • coordinate monthly social events in the hall
  • manage a budget of $1,000 
  • create relationships among residents in the hall
  • engage in leadership development opportunities
  • represent and advocate for all residents on campus
  • establish open and honest communication within our residence halls
  • share feedback and recommendations to the Department of Residence Life

Any resident can join their Hall Council as a member to assist in planning and implementing events, gather feedback from community members, gain leadership experiences, and much more! 

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Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Residence Hall Association is dedicated to representing an inclusive on-campus community. This is achieved through educational and social events, policy review, and opportunities for leadership and development. RHA hosts a variety of events throughout the year, offers leadership opportunities, and develops skills for future careers.

Each Hall Council sends two representatives to RHA each Thursday night at 6 p.m. in the University Center - Willow River Room. These meetings encourage representatives to collaborate on hall and campus events, forum on residential student issues, and develop greater knowledge of the university community

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Residents can contact their Hall Council Advisor regarding meeting times and upcoming events. These are also highlighted in HD monthly emails.

Ames - Sam Witak

Crabtree - Jordan Cantele

Grimm - Paige Joosten

Hathorn - Hannah Quarnstrom

Johnson - Evan Fisher-Damsgard

May - Mae Yang

McMillan - Nick Lauer

Prucha - Evan Fisher-Damsgard

South Fork - Christian Chrisler

Stratton - Mae Yang

Residence Hall Association - Liz Brunner

Jessalyn Marshall
Jessalyn Marshall, President
Presides over RHA, responsible for overseeing RHA Executive Board members, organizes and leads RHA meetings, and serves as the official voice of RHA to Residence Life. Serves as the liaison to Hall Council Presidents and Department of Residence Life.








Vacant, Vice President
Serves as the On-Campus Senator for the Student Government Association, responsible for RHA public relations, elections, and RHA legislation. Serves as the liaison to Hall Council Vice Presidents and Student Government Association.

Kendra Jentz
Kendra Jentz, Treasurer
Allocates, records, and audits all RHA funds, reviews the funding request process, and communicates budget updates to stakeholders.

Lexi Janzer
Lexi Janzer, Secretary
Creates and maintains meeting agendas and minutes, updates organizational records, and coordinates RHA communications.

Brunner, Liz
Liz Brunner, Advisor
Assists with implementing and overseeing all RHA executive board and general body initiatives. Serves as the liaison between Residence Life and the RHA executive board. 

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