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Motorcycles, Mopeds, Motor Scooters

A permit is required for all motorcycles, mopeds or motor scooters and they must be parked in designated stalls located in E, G, O, P, PAY1, PAY2 and CM lots. If all designated stalls are full, please contact the Parking Department for alternate lot locations parking.  

Parking motorcycles, mopeds, or motor scooters on sidewalks, curbs, bike racks, etc. is prohibited and is subject to a citation.

Such vehicles may not operate off of roadways. Operation off roadways, could result in a citation of up to $249.00 and impoundment.

Parking is prohibited in Motorcycle / Moped / Motor Scooter areas from December 1st - April 1st with the exclusion of G lot.

Motorcycle / Moped / Motor Scooter parking area prohibits parking from 1AM-AM Anytime in P, PAY1, PAY2, and CM. Overnight parking permitted in E, G, & O.


Please note: If you purchase a full permit for one of the student or employee lot your Motorcycle / Moped / Motor Scooter parking permit is at a reduced rate. Please call 715-425-3333 for details.