Notable Visitors


Year/Mo. Visitor Event Description

1908 December

Dr. William Bryan,
president of the University of Indiana

Address: "The Education of the Disposition," Dr. Bryan indicated that emotional habits establish themselves as disposition, and you can change anything easier than your disposition.  "Young people persistently refuse to believe in the power of habit. They cannot believe that their thoughts and feelings and notes are forming life habits from which they cannot make an easy escape." Thus, a man's disposition, which is his attitude towards his life that is around him, is the most important thing in the world around him.

1908 December

J. A. Keith, president of Oshkosh Normal School

Address: "Great Ways of Learning," Mr. Keith gave a very psychological address.  He presented and elaborated on the following points: First, by involuntary experience; second, by conscious imitation; third, by invention and discovery; and fourth, by repetition.  Each mode of learning takes rise in a perfectly natural and rational evolutionary process.