Modern Language

Angela (Gleason) Thoen (Spanish and TESOL Education, graduated January 2004)


I double majored in Spanish and TESOL education and did my student teaching in St. Paul. After graduating, I applied for several jobs and had several interviews. The Spanish and TESOL combination made me very marketable. I now have been teaching for the Stanley-Boyd Area School District as their middle and high school Spanish teacher since August 2004. I teach a middle school exploratory and all of the high school level Spanish classes (I-IV). I absolutely love my job and working with my students.

I have felt very prepared for my job by the Spanish program at UW-River Falls. The Spanish faculty are wonderful to work with, and I have gained insight into the many aspects of learning Spanish from that program that have helped me in planning for and teaching the various level courses that I have. I definitely recommend majoring in Spanish to get more exposures to the language. I also recommend traveling to Spanish-speaking countries. The J-term Cultural Experience Trip to Mexico is a blast! I had so much fun on that trip in 2003 that I knew I had to go back some day. So I went back to Mexico on my honeymoon in November 2006 with my husband Adam. There are no words to describe what it feels like to experience the culture of the language that you are learning!

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