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Did you study a language in high school or before?
If so, be sure to take the World Language Placement Test in Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese.  You could receive up to 14 FREE credits with a grade of "A" by testing out of these courses in your language.


  • Take the language placement test in Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese
  • Enroll in the class you place into and pass the class with a grade of B- or better
  • Receive credit and grade for ALL of the courses below the one you tested into!

Example: Test into Spanish 301 and receive a grade of B- or better AND receive credit for:

  • SPAN 101   4 credits  A
  • SPAN 102   4 credits  A 
  • SPAN 201   3 credits  A 
  • SPAN 202   3 credits  A  (Plus your credits and grade for SPAN 301)


  • It Is a HUGE boost to your GPA right at the start of your academic career.
  • You receive up to 14 "free" credits, moving you further up in the registration queue and giving you a boost in credits toward graduation.
  • By testing out of Spanish or German, Chinese or Japanese 101, you will be fulfilling the General Education Communication-Speaking and Listening requirement.
  • Testing into a language makes it extremely easy to major or minor in that language. If you test into 301, for example, you are already halfway done with a minor!!!


New/incoming students may contact the Admissions Office at (715) 425-3500 or

All other students, contact Clio McLagan, Modern Language Department (715) 425-3121 or

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