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What do students who have studied abroad say about their experience?

The ITC is a good trip to take to experience different cultures first-hand, and to compare what you observe to your homeland.  It is a good experience to see a lot of the world you otherwise wouldn't have seen.  Not only are you experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event, but you also are receiving credits at the same time! The ITC is also an excellent way to escape the harsh Wisconsin winters!  The ITC is a learning experience all around.  Also, you will be given the chance to talk to people of several different countries and to listen to their views about the United States. Jenna Brozek, German

I fully recommend the ITC. Charlie is an awesome leader and you are given many weekends to tour cities on your own plus innumerable group tours, such as the Thames-Greenwich cruise in London, the Louvre in Paris, etc. I have learned so much culturally, as well as a person, throughout this memorable experience. I sincerely hope everyone takes the opportunity to study abroad, wherever they wish to go. Jenna Miller, Accounting

I have really enjoyed my time in Europe. I have learned so much, not only about the history, politics, and geography of the countries I've visited, but also about myself. The ITC offers you more than a semester away from the main campus. You learn about other cultures, and gain insight into the way they work. Tiffany Turchany, History

I am finding out how special the Europe trip was last spring. I now live in Madison, but I don't think I will experience what I did in Europe with the ITC's combination of traveling and learning. What I learned in Europe has come up repeatedly and I remember it, unlike some classes that I only remember for a semester.
Kyle Borley, Political Science

I had two options, either to graduate in December and start making money, or to spend a semester in Europe. Going on this trip is the best decision I ever made. It's an experience that I'll never have the opportunity to repeat. I say, "go for it!" You'll regret it if you don't!
Jenni Hanson, Biology and Psychology

5/5 Paris. Today is the last full day of this journey. It's a little bittersweet. I'm excited to go home, but sad that this amazing experience is coming to an end. I am sitting here looking out at a gorgeous day in Paris and remembering the million wonderful little moments from this trip. It is strange to be in Paris again. The city feels different, but I think it is actually me that is different. I was excited and slightly nervous about what to expect when I first arrived here. Now I feel like I can handle anything. A big city where I don't even speak the language no longer feels strange or different, it just feels like it could be home. I am so incredibly grateful that I got to have this experience. It is one of the best things I have done in my life. This trip has taught me so many things that go way beyond what you could learn in a classroom setting. It has shown me that I am a resourceful, independent person who can get by just fine on my own. It has also taught me about appreciating differences. Differences among people - traveling with 34 others most of whom I didn't know well has been a sometimes challenging thing. But it has also been rewarding. I have made friends with a few people I would have probably never met and I also found I could find things to like in people I don't particularly care to spend time with. I have also learned to appreciate differences among cultures. I don't think of how things compare to home anymore, just see the differences. I will miss the diversity of people and cultures, the excitement of discovering someplace new. I think this is the perfect end to my sometimes tumultuous college career. I can go out to face the "real world" with a new ability to deal with whatever comes my way. This trip has been a great learning experience and one I'm not soon to forget. Thanks. Jennifer Cooklock, Political Science

The ITC is a great way to travel and experience Europe.  There is plenty of time to go to many different places on the weekends, as well as a lot of time for independent travel at the end.  It is really nice to be traveling with other students so someone is always up for doing and seeing things.  As far as classes go, it is a great opportunity to learn about Europe while living in it.  There are lots of opportunities to go with the group, or without, to see museums and historical sites that coincide with personal interests.  Because a lot of costs are covered in the ITC fee it is fairly easy to travel within a small budget. Amanda Merthan, English

The ITC is an exciting, fast-paced opportunity to see many different parts of Europe and to see many things first-hand that I learned about previously.  It's a wonderful opportunity to broaden my thinking and open my eyes to a variety of different cultures!  It's a great balance of independent travel time to learn about yourself and getting to meet and know other UW-RF students. Ashley Severson, English

The ITC has given me opportunities to learn hands-on with professors that I know and trust!  The classes have been as diverse as the landscapes/cityscapes and have been as eye-opening as well.  There has been enough "free time" to fulfill independent study and self interests, such as museums, and exploring contemporary art scenes.  This has been a high energy (hiking, walking!), motion-moving (bus, metro, taxi, plane, car), eye-candy (museums, sculpture, architecture, parks, churches, shopping), historical (!!), good-for-the-soul (discos, rallies, nature, group bonding), multi-cultural experience! Karine Wilson, Broad Area Art

The ITC is a learning experience of a lifetime, giving students a chance to immerse themselves in a variety of different cultures.  I've learned more about history, politics, and cultures in Europe than I ever could have learned in a typical class.
Crystal Seefeldt, Agricultural Education

I really enjoyed the ITC.  It has taught me a lot and because of it I am now an international studies minor.  You should come study abroad because you will never receive a better opportunity!  You might want to come home at first, but then you will never want to leave. Melinda Hutchens, Marketing Communications

The money is well worth it.  I've seen more and done more in Europe than I ever thought possible.
Cody Wendt, Broadfield Science

I've done more traveling and seen more things than most people will in a life-time.
Tricia Dann, English

The ITC is the opportunity of a lifetime.
Jacob Connell, History

The experience is like no other. The education you get is far more interesting than being only in the classroom.
Jeff Rutkowski, Marketing Communications

There is nothing like a hands-on experience when it comes to education - whether it's relating with people, learning of the past or coming face to face with how similar and different other regions are! Hope Yeager, Theatre

Europe was the best class room of all. Living, learning and experiencing different cultures changed my outlook on life. I made friends that I will keep for a lifetime, and learned things that I use constantly. Morgan Jindrich, Political Science

I had a wonderful time traveling and meeting native people; some of their stories are just incredible! It's a wonderful opportunity and experience because of everything that you can see and learn. The people are so friendly and the atmosphere is so different than in the United States. I would definitely love to go back again.
Loni Okland, Social Work

It was a wonderful, memorable experience, and I am continually reminded of the impact this trip left on me. Traveling for a semester in Europe should never be associated with the word "vacation" because vacations do not create the same long-lasting memories and do not lead to the same growth. Now having been at a full-time job for one year, I realize what the program leaders meant when they said this will probably be the only chance you have to do something like this!
Jennifer Carlton, Marketing Communications

Nothing compares to the unbelievably fulfilling experience of studying and traveling in Europe. It will challenge you, broaden your views of the world and lure you back again and again. Go for it. Your only regret will be that you didn't go sooner.
Scott Wente, Journalism

The most important thing that I got from studying abroad was that I learned to be independent, and I really "came out of my shell" as a result. Because of study abroad, I am also able to see the world from a different perspective.
Jennie Hanson, Special Education

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived at law school was that nearly everyone had traveled abroad -- probably eighty to ninety percent. My hunch is that professional and graduate schools tend to seek out students who have the initiative to take on challenges and expand their view of the world. More importantly, I feel I grew as an individual and became more confident and self-reliant.
Dan Singel, Pre-Law Political Science

Studying abroad was the greatest experience of my life; you learn so much about other cultures and yourself. I had the chance to talk to people from all around the world and make friends with students from RF that I never knew before.
David Roche, Agricultural Business

There is no greater joy than studying abroad. It turns the world into a classroom. You not only see a different horizon, you experience it and create one of your own. If it were not for studying abroad I would not be who or where I am today, an ESL teacher in Korea. It opened me to the world and to becoming a global citizen.
Ben Winker, English and Outdoor Education

Studying abroad was so far my best college experience. The people I met were amazing, and integrating myself into their culture taught me a lot about myself. Once you go abroad, you have the itch to go back. In fact, I am going to spend a semester in France next fall!!!
Heather White, Business

It was the most incredible experience I have had because it brought me out of my box and broke me free of previous supposed limitations. It taught me about a different way of life and attitude, and I am thankful each day for that opportunity. I would recommend others take the plunge and experience life outside of the box they have put themselves into because they will come to appreciate different lifestyles and become a more rounded person.
Sara Stewart, Spanish

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