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Begin the Process:
  1. Complete the on-line application.
  2. Submit a $350 non-refundable application fee to the Cashier's Office, 217 North Hall. Deliver a check made out to "UWRF ITC" and be certain your student ID number and your ITC year (e.g. "ITC 2017" for Spring 2017) are on the check. Obtain a receipt and deliver it to Global Connections in 102 Hagestad Hall. Your slot will not be guaranteed until the application fee is submitted and recorded in Global Connections, and other application steps are completed.

NOTE: A complete application consists of:

  1. the completion of all the on-line application items;
  2. the $350 non-refundable deposit; and
  3. a $25 on-line application fee paid to Global Connections.

Ongoing:  Check your e-mail account regularly for updates and information.  Talk with parents, significant others, and so on about the experience, and tell them they are welcome to contact ITC staff if they have any questions.

February, 1 (do this as soon as possible):  Schedule a meeting with the Financial Aid Office: 315 NH, 715-425-4111. You should address several things. First, if you have unused aid for the current academic year, you can request to obtain it and use it to pay ITC related costs that are up front, such as the deposit. Second, make sure you understand the financial aid application procedures for next year. The additional costs involved in studying abroad can be used to recalculate your financial need and that might make you eligible for aid (or for more aid). Only the Financial Aid Office is in a position to tell you whether or not you might be eligible for additional aid, what type, and how much. Knowing this can help you make an informed decision about whether or not the ITC will work for you.  In addition, some grant monies require that you submit a financial aid application.

Ongoing (note, deadlines for some scholarships are different, always check in advance):  File for scholarships and grants for the next academic year. Any scholarship that you could normally use while here at UWRF is applicable to the ITC.

Spring Registration for Fall 2017 classes:  When registering for the Fall semester prior to departure, remember to ensure that you are not taking courses that will fulfill requirements you can complete in Europe with the ITC. See list of courses and requirements met. Contact the Group Leader if you have any questions or concerns

Fall Semester 2017:  Be sure your passport application has been submitted. You cannot leave the country without it, so don't procrastinate and "miss the plane," literally, because you don't have your passport. General directions and a downloadable application can be found at the U.S. State Department site: You can also obtain applications (and drop off completed ones) at the St. Croix County Clerk's office, at 1101 Carmichael Road, Hudson, Wisconsin, telephone 715-386-4610. You'll need two identical photographs (as described in the application form), a certified copy of your birth certificate (if you don't have one of these you can obtain one from the clerk's office in the county where you were born), identification showing your address (such as a current driver's license), and your checkbook. If you currently have a passport, ensure it will be valid one year from departure. Please note that Kathy Helgeson provides reasonably priced, high quality passport photos on campus: 715-425-3772, 120NH,

September 15, 2017:  If you decide to drop the ITC program, you must do so by writing to the ITC Coordinator no later than this date to avoid incurring the full charges for the spring semester.

Thursday Evenings Fall Semester:  Leave these evenings open so you can attend ITC program orientation sessions that cover specific topics on academics, travel, planning, and health. Specific dates and times will be emailed to you.



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