Gender Inclusive Facilities

Gender Inclusive Housing Community

The Gender Inclusive Community is a housing option in which two students share a room regardless of students' sex, gender identity or gender expression. This means that students can live in the same room with a person of a different assigned sex at birth.

This community provides students a safe space and the flexibility to accommodate the needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual (LGBTQIA+) students, Allies, and others for whom cultural or identity considerations are needed.

Interested students must indicate in the housing application in the Residence Hall Portal that they are interested in the Gender Inclusive Community. By selecting "yes" (you are interested), you will be able to request a roommate of any gender.

This option is available to incoming and current students in the residence halls. This community is located in Johnson Hall. Students will not be assigned to Gender Inclusive Community unless they have elected to do so.

For more information on our Gender Inclusive Community, enter the Residence Hall Portal.

Gender Inclusive/Single-Use Restrooms

Currently, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls does not have any specifically designated all-gender restrooms located in our academic buildings and residence halls. We understand that facilities like this are needed within our campus community. Please know that we are working to address this issue. At this time we are only able to provide single-use restroom facilities for those who would like more privacy and our transgender and gender non-binary students. Below you will find the list of single-use facilities located in our academic buildings. We have also listed the single use restrooms that any residence hall guests/visitors could utilize. You will find the appropriate floor plans linked on the right side of this page. For security purposes, you must log in with a W# to access them. You will have to zoom in on the floor plans to see each room number more clearly.

Please contact our office, or Facilities Management, if you have any questions about the restroom facilities on campus.

Centennial Science Hall:
Room 184a (main level)
This restroom is located in the middle of the hallways surrounding room 165, just to the left of room 175a.

Falcon Center:
Room A127 - Located in the workout area.
Room B142 - Located in the long hallway between the Page & Hunt arenas, halfway between the concession stand and the Knowles Center.

Kleinpell Fine Arts:
Room 168 (main level)
This restroom is located just to the left of the main atrium/lobby, across from room 149.

North Hall:
Rooms 225a & 225b (second floor)
These restrooms are located to the Northeast of the auditorium, across the hall from room 205.

David Rodli Hall Student Success Center:
Room 145 - Near the Financial Aid Office.
Room 259 - Near Student Health & Counseling Services.

University Center:
This restroom is located on the first level of the UC directly across from the Falcon's Nest (room 15). It will be marked by an R on the map. This restroom is also handicap accessible.

Jesse H. Ames Suites:
Room 107 (Ann Lydecker Living Learning Center)

Crabtree Hall:
Room 31 (basement)

Grimm Hall:
Room 11 (basement)

Hathorn Hall:
Rooms 49 & 51 (basement)
132 & 132E (center of 1st floor)

Johnson Hall:
First Floor - Gender Inclusive Community
Room 18 (basement)

May Hall:
Room 13 (basement)

McMillan Hall:
Room 11 (basement)

Parker Hall:
Room 31 (basement)

Prucha Hall:
Room 7 (basement)

South Fork Suites:
Rooms 105A & 105B (Off of the main lobby)

Stratton Hall:
Room 7 (basement)

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