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Evidence-Based Teaching Fellows

The Evidence-Based Teaching Fellows Program supports faculty members as they systematically inquire into a particular area of interest or concern with respect to teaching and learning.


  • Interested participants must submit a brief description of an issue related to teaching and learning that they would like to investigate.
  • The program is open to all faculty members and instructional academic staff members. Due to limited funding, we anticipate that up to five individuals will be selected to participate in this program.

Each instructor will be asked to write up a brief literature review along with a plan for how they might incorporate some what they have learned into their classes the following academic year. The report will also need to address how the issue they researched might generally benefit under-represented students either in terms of retention and/or recruitment.

A coordinator will assist each participant in choosing readings and each meeting will focus around one participant's area of inquiry (with common reading for all). Discussions will be facilitated by the coordinator.
A member of the FASDB will serve in the role of Program Coordinator.


  • A maximum of up to six faculty members will be selected to participate in the program.
  • Each participant will receive $1,000 (paid July 1) to support the scholarly work of applicants.

Schedule of Meetings

  • Specific dates will be identified when program participants have been identified.
  • Meetings will occur monthly throughout the year (October-May, Final Project due in June).
  • Each participant is asked to share the findings of their project on the Faculty Development Evidence Based Teaching website.

Review Committee

The Teaching subcommittee of Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff Professional Development Board will evaluate all proposals.


  • Complete application form (below) including appropriate signatures.
  • Name the file as: award name, last name, and first name ie: EBTF - Smith - Will
  • Submit completed application to and include the department chair/supervisor and dean of your college in the email submission.
  • Application is due no later than 4:30 p.m. on the due date.  

Due Date

Due date for 2021-2022 is September 17, 2021.

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