DoTS 2015



Joe Kmiech Joseph Kmiech - CIO / Executive Director of DoTS

Foster_Marlene Marlene Foster - Administrative Assistant


PetePeter Reese - Enterprise Applications and Services

Todd SchaeferTodd Schaefer - Enterprise Systems and Services

JasonJason Winget- Infrastructure and Security Technologies

DoTS Staff

  • John Carroll
    Enterprise Systems and Services: Endpoint Systems Support
  • Tia Jensen
    Enterprise Applications and Services: Enterprise Information Systems
  • Torey Kauth
    Enterprise Applications and Services: Team Lead - Enterprise Information Systems
  • Jason Machtemes
    Infrastructure and Security Technologies: Team Lead - Infrastructure Administration
  • Mackenzie Meier
    Enterprise Systems and Services: Endpoint Systems Administrator
  • Dan Miller
    Professional Services: Technology Asset Coordinator
  • Shane O'Malley-Potting
    Enterprise Applications and Services: Web Services
  • Nate Overby
    Enterprise Systems and Services: Associate Information Systems Specialist
  • Dan Prill
    Enterprise Systems and Services: Team Lead - Enterprise Systems Administration
  • Charles Rickard
    Enterprise Applications and Services: Integration Services
  • Robert Rust
    Enterprise Applications and Services: Technical Lead - Integration Services
  • Mitchell Samuel
    Professional Services: Team Lead - Service Center
  • Joshua See
    Enterprise Systems and Services: Endpoint Systems Support
  • Greg Van De Mark
    Professional Services: Project Management Services
  • Michael Webb
    Enterprise Applications and Services: Enterprise Information Systems
  • Joanne Weeks
    Enterprise Applications and Services: Enterprise Information Systems
  • Brendan Weise
    Infrastructure and Security Technologies: Security Administration
  • James Williams
    Enterprise Systems and Services: Team Lead - Endpoint Systems Support
  • Michael Woolsey
    Enterprise Applications and Services: Web Services
  • Thor Wright
    Enterprise Systems and Services: Enterprise Systems Administration

Student Employees

Carding Office

  • Andrew DaviesAndrew Davies - Carding Office (IST)
  • Andrew ErtsgaardAndrew Ertsgaard - Carding Office (IST)
  • JackJack Porter - Carding Office (IST)
  • EmilyEmily Propsom - Carding Office (IST)

Service Center

  • Misturat AmodeMisturat Amode - Service Center (PS)
  • Katie BaresKatie Bares - Service Center (PS)
  • Matthew CaterMatthew Cater- Service Center (PS)
  • DomnickDominick Bolden- Service Center (PS)
  • Thomas GregaThomas Grega- Service Center (PS)
  • WestonWeston Hanson- Service Center (PS)
  • Steven HayesSteven Hayes - Service Center (PS)
  • SHSor Her - Service Center (PS)
  • Zachary HerridgeZachary Herridge - Service Center (PS)
  • zachZachary Kroening - Service Center (PS)
  • Benjamin-Karlsrud.jpgBenjamin Karlsrud - Service Center (PS)
  • Quinton LeeQuinton Lee - Service Center (PS)
  • Rashmi Rameshkumar MagnaniRashmi Rameshkumar Magnani - Service Center (PS)
  • OctuberOctuber Massaquoi - Service Center (PS)
  • Clare McInerneyClare McInerney - Service Center (PS)
  • KathleenKathleen Miller-Chell - Service Center (PS)
  • Marie MyllylaMarie Myllyla
  • Soren NetkaSoren Netka - Service Center (PS)
  • Bailey OlsonBailey Olson - Service Center (PS)
  • Daniel OstromDaniel Ostrom - Service Center (PS)
  • MilesMiles Peterson - Service Center (PS)
  • Emelia PowersEmelia Powers - Service Center (PS)
  • Hannah RambergHannah Ramberg - Service Center (PS)
  • Peter ChaberPeter Schaber - Service Center (PS)
  • SSSarah Snyder - Service Center (PS)
  • Matthew StanekMatthew Stanek - Service Center (PS)
  • MattMatt Stauner - Service Center (PS)
  • Kelly SusaKelly Susa - Service Center (PS)
  • Danielle_TimmDanielle Timm - Service Center (PS)
  • Alyssa-Tomei.jpgAlyssa Tomei - Service Center (PS)
  • Jacob tormoenJacob Tormoen - Service Center (PS)
  • JosephJoseph Wananda - Service Center (PS)
  • Reid WilsonReid Wilson - Service Center (PS)
  • Madison YoungMadison Young - Service Center (PS)

Endpoint Support Center

  • lidseyLindsay Anderson - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • Mackenzie-Boldon.jpgMackenzie Boldon - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • ErichErich Dettmann - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • KarstenKarsten Halverson - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • Matt HarriganMatthew Harrigan - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • Reese JohnstonReese Johnston - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • RMRobin Muenzenberger - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • zachZach Pahl - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • BSBel Sahn - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • Amber StoneAmber Stone - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)
  • Ryan Scott DOTS photoRyan Scott - Endpoint Support Center (ESS)

Web Services

  • ALThorø Larsen - Web Developer (EAS)
  • ceirraCeirra Schuette - Student Programmer (EAS)
  • Varun SharmaVarun Sharma - Student Programmer (EAS)

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