Women's and Gender Studies

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies 24 Total Credits

Required Core Course for all minors 6 credits
WGST 200 (d) Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies .

One of the following (3 credits each):
WGST 379 Internship/Service Learning
WGST 499 Directed Study (if not taken as a core course)

Directed Electives 18 credits
Choose any WGST course (co-listed or stand-alone)

WGST 320 Gender Issues in Science
WGST 350 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
WGST 379 Internship/Service Learning 3-6 cr.(if not taken as a core course)
WGST 389 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 499 Directed Study (if not taken as a core course)

WGST 205/ HIST 205 Women's History: United States
WGST 303/ HIST 303 Women's History: Europe
WGST 305/ HIST 305 Women's History: Global

WGST 314/ POLS 314 Women and Politics

WGST 225/ PSYC 225 Sex Differences, Gender Roles, and Sexual Orientation
WGST 375/PSYC 375 Psychology of Human Sexuality

WGST 221/ANTH/SOCI 221 Global Perspectives on Women
WGST 323/ SOCI 323 Sociology of Family
WGST 326/ SOCI 326 Sociology of Gender Roles

WGST/ COMS 206 Family Communication
WGST/ COMS 440 Gender Communication

WGST 214/ ENGL 214 Women in Literature
WGST 215/ ENGL 215 LGBTQ Literature
WGST 235/ ENGL 235 American Autobiography
WGST 300/ ENGL 300 Women, Film, and Society
WGST 443/ ENGL 443 American Ethnic Women Authors

WGST 321/ ART 321 Gender and Art

Women's and Gender Studies (WGST)
Interdisciplinary Program

264 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Melanie Ayres - Coordinator

A minor in Women’s and Gender Studies provides students with the following: a broad historical representation of scholarship on women; a set of methodologies that acknowledge the intrinsic value of the experiences, contributions, and perspectives of both women and men.

The minor consists of core courses and elective courses in many disciplines for a total of 24 minimum credit hours.

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