Women's and Gender Studies

Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies 23 Total Credits
Required Core Course for all minors 3 cr. hrs.
WGST 200 (d) Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies 3 cr.

Directed Electives 20 credits
Choose any WGST course (co-listed or stand-alone)

WGST 320 Gender Issues in Science 3 cr.
WGST 350 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
WGST 379 Internship/Service Learning 3-6 cr.
WGST 389 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 499 Directed Study

WGST 205/ HIST 205 Women's History: United States, 3 cr.
WGST 305/ HIST 305 Women's History: Global, 3 cr.

WGST 314/ POLS 314 Women and Politics, 3 cr.

WGST 225/ PSYC 225 Sex Differences, Gender Roles, and Sexual Orientation
WGST 375/PSYC 375 Psychology of Human Sexuality

WGST 221/ANTH/SOCI 221 Global Perspectives on Women, 3 cr.
WGST 323/ SOCI 323 Sociology of Family
WGST 326/ SOCI 326 Sociology of Gender Roles

WGST/ COMS 206 Family Communication
WGST/ COMS 440 Gender Communication

WGST 214/ ENGL 214 Women in Literature
WGST 235/ ENGL 235 American Autobiography
WGST 300/ ENGL 300 Women, Film, and Society
WGST 443/ ENGL 443 American Ethnic Women Authors

WGST 321/ ART 321 Gender and Art

Women's and Gender Studies (WGST)
Interdisciplinary Program

264 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Michelle Parkinson - Coordinator

A minor in Women’s and Gender Studies provides students with the following: a broad historical representation of scholarship on women; a set of methodologies that acknowledge the intrinsic value of the experiences, contributions, and perspectives of both women and men.

The minor consists of a core course and elective courses in many disciplines for a total of 23 minimum credit hours.

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