Degree Requirements

Social Science Minor

Social Science Minor 30 cr. hrs.

For Elementary Education Majors only

Standard A: History (9 credits)
BFSS 200 Introduction to Social Science for Teachers
HIST 102 History of the Modern World 1500
Choose one 200+ history elective course

Standard B: Geography (6 credits)
GEOG 110 Physical Geography (also applied in goal 3 S)
GEOG 120 Human Geography (also applied on goal 2 SB)

Standard C: Behavioral Science (9 credits)
ECON 100 Modern Economics
SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology
ANTH 100 Cultural Anthropology

Standard D: Political Science and Citizenship (3 credits)
Choose any Political Science course

Standard E: Psychology (3 credits)
Choose any Psychology course

Social Science Interdisciplinary

304 Fine Arts
Ryan Fischer–Coordinator

The minor in Social Science, available for majors in elementary and middle school (6-9) education is a program of study comprised of several social science disciplines: economics, geography, history, political science and sociology.