Degree Requirements

Sustainable Management

Degree Requirements: 63 total credits

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management consists of 21 courses. Each student is required to successfully complete all 21 courses to graduate. There are no electives in the program. The Capstone course is usually taken in the last semester. Each course is worth three credits.

SMGT 115 Environmental Science and Sustainability
SMGT 220 Systems Thinking
SMGT 230 Triple Bottom Line Accounting for Managers
SMGT 235 Economics in Society and Sustainability
SMGT 240 Technical Writing for Sustainable Management
SMGT 250 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
SMGT 305 Climate Change and Sustainability
SMGT 310 Ecology for Sustainable Management
SMGT 320 Energy for Sustainable Management
SMGT 325 Natural Resource Management
SMGT 330 Marketing for a Sustainable World
SMGT 332 Economics of Environmental Sustainability
SMGT 335 Management and Environmental Information Systems
SMGT 340 Organizational Behavior and Sustainability
SMGT 360 Environmental and Sustainability Policy
SMGT 370 Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability
SMGT 410 Corporate Social Responsibiity and Sustainability
SMGT 420 The Built Environment and Sustainability
SMGT 435 International Development and Sustainability
SMGT 460 Environment and Society
SMGT 495 Sustainable Management Capstone


  • College Math (MATH 126 or higher)
  • Statistics (MATH 216, MATH 226, ECON 226 or equivalent)
  • Biology (any UWRF Biology course or equivalent)
  • Introductory Communications (COMS 101, COMS 116 or equivalent)

General Education and University Requirements

All students enter this program with at least 60 college-level semester credits of transferable coursework with a 2.0 or better grade point average (GPA). In addition to the general education requirements, UW-River Falls students must complete two, university-required courses in American cultural diversity and global perspectives. See list of approved courses.

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Academic Adviser and Director: Eric Sanden

Program Manager: Angela Whitaker

At UW-River Falls, the Sustainable Management major is housed in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management is a collaborative effort of UW-Extension and four University of Wisconsin campuses - UW-Parkside, UW-River Falls, and UW-Superior - that provides the knowledge and skills students need to create profitable businesses, vibrant communities, and a healthy environment for Wisconsin, the United States, and the world.