Degree Requirements

Professional Writing Minor

Professional Writing Minor - 23-24 credits

Required Courses 15 credits
*ENGL 271 Proposal Writing
ENGL 374 Cyberliteracy and Writing on the Web
ENGL 266 Business Writing
ENGL 270 Visual Rhetoric: Document Design and Graphics
ENGL 367 Technical Writing
ENGL 387 Technical and Professional Editing

Directed Electives: select three 8-9 credits

COMS 316 Organizational Communication
ENGL 220 Structure of English
ENGL 372 Practicum: Peer Tutoring and Writing Instruction
ENGL 379 Internship
ENGL 251 Advanced Composition
(ENGL 266 Business Writing or ENGL 367 Technical Writing)
ENGL 362 Into to Rhetorical Studies
ENGL 370 Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 494 Senior Seminar in Professional Writing.
ENGL 389 Topics course in Rhetoric (Environmental Rhetoric, Contemporary Rhetoric) .
JOUR 269 Multimedia Storytelling
JOUR 320 Journalism and Public Opinion
MARC 370 Public Relations Principles
MARC 360 Advertising