Degree Requirements

Musical Theatre Minor

Musical Theatre Minor: 24 Total Credits

Required Courses: 18 cr. hrs.
MUS 103 Class Voice 1 cr.
MUS 130 Music Theory and Ear Training I 4 cr.
MUS 131 Music Theory and Ear Training II 4 cr.
MUS 225 Voice for the Actor 1 cr.
SASA 121 Acting I: Basic Techniques 3 cr.
SASA 225 Musical Theatre Performance 3 cr.
SASA 375 Theatre Practicum: Production 2 cr.
Directed Electives: 2 cr. hrs.
Select from the following:
DANC 107 Social Dance .5 cr.
DANC 110 Basic Jazz Dance .5 cr.
DANC 120 Fundamentals of Movement through Dance 1 cr.
DANC 150 Dance Improvisation 1 cr.
DANC 224 Ballet I 1 cr.
Electives: 4 cr. hrs.
Select from the following:
DANC 107 Social Dance .5 cr.
DANC 110 Basic Jazz Dance .5 cr.
DANC 224 Ballet I 1 cr.
DANC 260 Dance Repertory 1-3 cr.
SASA 131 Design for the Theatre 3 cr.

A maximum of 3 credits from the following 3 courses may be applied toward electives:
SASA 221  Acting for Stage and Screen II 3 cr.
SASA 231 Creating Artistic Environments for Stage and Screen 3 cr.
SASA 232 Costume/Makeup for Stage and Screen 3cr. 
SASA 233 Light and Sound for Stage and Screen 3cr.
SASA 337 History of Theatre 3 cr.
MUS 127 Applied Voice (a maximum of 2 may be applied toward electives) 1 cr.
MUS 230 Music Theory and Ear Training III 4 cr.
MUS 340 Opera Techniques 3 cr.

Students majoring in Music or Speech (any emphasis) may not double count any course when completing the Musical Theatre Minor.
Speech Communication and Theatre Arts and Music majors should consult with an adviser and substitute other electives (from the list above) for those required in both their major and minor.


The minor in Musical Theatre, offered as a collaborative effort between the departments of communication studies and theatre arts and music, is designed to provide students an opportunity to gain formal training. It includes courses in music theory and performance, dance styles, and stage movement, as well as additional courses in theatrical performance, production and design, with special consideration to their application in creation of and performance in musical production. This minor is available to all students, including music and theatre majors and minors.