Degree Requirements

Health and Wellness Management, MS

Program Curriculum, 36 credits

Courses are offered online by faculty from several University of Wisconsin campuses. All applicants will need to demonstrate that they have taken the following prerequisite courses.

Program Prerequisites:

Personal Health or Equivalent
Anatomy and Physiology or Human Biology or Equivalent
Intro to Psychology or Equivalent
Elementary Statistics or Equivalent

Required Courses:

HWM 700 Contemporary Health and Wellness Perspectives, 3 credits
HWM 705 Strategic Management for Wellness Managers, 3 credits
HWM 710 Research Methods for Wellness Programs, 3 credits
HWM 715 Persuasion Skills for Wellness Managers, 3 credits
HWM 720 Exercise and Nutrition in Health and Disease, 3 credits
HWM 730 Biopsychosocial Aspects of Health, 3 credits
HWM 740 Health Systems and Policy for Wellness Managers, 3 credits
HWM 750 Planning and Evaluation for Wellness Managers, 3 credits
HWM 760 Wellness Law, 3 credits
HWM 770 Behavior and Development in Organizations, 3 credits
HWM 780 Best Practices and Emerging Issues in Wellness, 3 credits
HWM 790 Health and Wellness Management Capstone Course, 3 credits

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Academic Director: Jodee Schaben

Program Manager: Angela Whitaker

The Health and Wellness Management degree is housed in the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Program Description

The Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management is a collaborative effort with UW-Extension which will equip students with the skills necessary to design, develop, implement, and maintain health and wellness programs in the workplace. This degree program helps students learn more about the seven dimensions of wellness and how they affect our lives and well-being.

Information on our online, undergraduate degree is available at the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management web page.